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Month: May 2016

The High Price of Free

Flawed teaching is like a disease, passed along from teacher to student—not dissimilar to how STDs are spread. This is why we entrust our teachers to provide us with clean instruction– to hold themselves to the highest standard of academic acumen, practice and structured methodology, so that students don’t inherit the toxins of inadequacy. Sadly though, many teachers are unable to overcome the appeal of placing ego, applause and adulation over the realistic and humble assessment of one’s own skill. In my experience, most people believe they are experts, they succumb to the need to be right, and they regurgitate everything they are taught. However, the self-proclaimed status of expertise is accompanied by an overwhelming impulse to introduce one’s own “style” and “design” to the traditional drill, and these nuances weaken and dilute the system.
Today I looked up 3 drills on YouTube, which were Hubud, Heaven 6 and Wooden Dummy. I was appalled at what I was viewing, and lamented that people just don’t know what they don’t know. I was watching a Hubud “expert” and I counted about 5 or 6 fatal flaws that would probably get you beaten up or perhaps killed if you performed like he did. Honestly, everyone is an absolute expert. This Hubud teacher was probably about 38 years old, and he had an impressive gym, however he was teaching utter nonsense. The Heaven 6 expert was about 30-35 years old and again his instruction was, from my perspective, all wrong. The last clip I saw was wooden dummy, and their channel had 300k plus subscribers. I was disgusted at what he was teaching, and this expert was about 30 years old. REALLY, that in itself is absurd.
I am poignantly aware that YouTube is a free and convenient medium of learning and entertainment, and this appeals to many students wishing to expand their training and prepare themselves for combat. But I implore you, dear reader, to constrict your YouTube viewing to cat videos and “epic fail” montages, as most of the content you receive is worth every cent it costs. There are no minimal qualifications for posted material—literally anyone can proclaim their adroit insight and start “instructing”. Don’t endanger and delude yourself into believing that the cheapest instruction is the best—I assure you it is not. Further, you will fight how you train. If you train broken methodologies, this will be reflected in your fighting. I sincerely hope that you never have to test what you learn on these channels, but again, we don’t train martial arts because we have a false sense of security. We train martial arts because we realistically face the likelihood that violent situations do emerge and we don’t want our safety to be left up to chance. If you are of this mindset, then do yourself a favor and find the most qualified instruction available, even if it costs you a few bucks.
Please understand, it is not my intent to bring other martial artists down. I gain no pleasure from pointing the finger or highlighting flaws in others. However, I place the well-being of my students and followers above the ego preservation of counterfeit teachers. Particularly because I believe many students cannot see the errors in these teachings. After all, their demonstrations look cool, they seem convincing, and unless you actually test it in a real-life attack, the ways in which it falls apart will not readily reveal themselves. Unfortunately, by the time you have the chance to really see the cracks in the system, you may already be dead. Just like a boat that you test out for the first time in the middle of the ocean, you don’t see the holes until you are sinking under the waves.
Frankly, it angers me that anyone would masquerade themselves as an expert in a field wherein erroneous technique can lead to fatal outcomes. In my view, this is not any different than someone doing surgery with a 1-year certified nursing assistant-level training. You just don’t do it because it’s unethical and wrong. Unfortunately, the field of martial arts has no consumer protection, but fortunately, smart people take these things into consideration and healthy skepticism when making life and death decisions. Please, do your homework and research before you train any martial arts system, online or otherwise. You will fight just like you train, so train the best methods and methodologies possible. If you are training a broken system from an underqualified teacher, by all means, stop, before you commit these ineffective movements to your muscle memory.
Our KI Fighting Concepts Online martial arts library is a lifetime compilation of my work in multiple systems, with 40 plus DVDs offering the highest quality training material. My wife, Miss Addy Hernandez, and I have 67 years of Martial arts training and 32 degrees of various Black Belt rankings. Our martial arts library has subscribers from dozens of countries all over the world, and I am deeply honored by the opportunity to reach students who have the integrity and perseverance to master the best systems. At only $9.95 per month, it’s as close to free as you can get, without the fatal flaws inherent in other instruction that is out there for the taking. Don’t march like a zombie toward the “free training” sign without stopping to consider what it might REALLY cost you.
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KI Online Martial Library – Now Live!

KI Online Martial Library is officially Live! Expert Martial Artist Sifu Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez have created a brand new training platform just for you!
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Technology Finally Caught Up–Come Train With Us!

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I have spent decades building and creating martial arts systems, and I consider it to be an honor and a privilege to offer my training to students of all ages, ranks and abilities. However, I find myself frustrated at the limits of teaching one-on-one and group classes in a small community. I feel that KI Fighting Concepts curriculum has something to offer fighters and students all over the world, and yet it has been impossible for me to propagate my teaching the globe over–until now. I often have said that I am waiting for technology to catch up to me, and finally it has. For the first time ever, KI Fighting Concepts is now positioned to launch an online training course for those of you who are unable to come train with me personally.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with my body of work, I have created multiple systems of martial arts such as The Slam Set, Slam Set Evolutions, the Club Set, the Blade Set, Point/Counterpoint, Argument of Movement (Defend, Neutralize, Annihilate), the Skill Sets JKD, Extreme Combat Training, American Wing Chun Silat, 6 Seconds of Controlled Insanity…and I am poised to launch my new system that has been 8 years in the making, X-Dtac. The online library we are offering is a complete complication of all these works, and all my systems are derived by extracting essential elements from my 45 years of training in pre-eminent martial arts systems of the world, such as Kenpo Karate, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Pentjak Silat Serak, Tai Chi, Filipino weapons, Blade and Stick work.
I am aware that there has long been a need and a demand for a better system of training and we are heeding the call by offering this unique program. Many martial artists are looking for new, cutting edge martial arts information to grow their skills to the next level. Or perhaps you have never trained before but are looking to start your training, maybe you are confused about what resources are available. Often people are frustrated that there are no qualified or highly-skilled martial arts instructors in their geographic area, so they’re out of luck for training. Perhaps there is an instructor available, but he’s a prick or he’s not that good, he’s an egomaniac and thinks he knows everything. We frequently hear from instructors who are desperately seeking new material that can be taught in their own ongoing classes. Many prospective students are ready to commit to really pursue learning, but they find they can’t afford the monthly tuition at a gym. Maybe you don’t have time to get to the regularly-scheduled sessions but can’t afford hundreds of dollars per month for private lessons.
As a solution to this problem, we are offering a martial arts library 45-years in the making, a well full of knowledge that is affordable and can be conveniently accessed any time. We want to provide our audience with access to Hall of Fame practitioners with 67 years of experience, training multiple systems of martial arts and building their own systems. What if you had a mentor who is a career life coach to inspire you to stay committed and propel your training? What if this instruction and material were available from the convenience of your computer, tablet or smartphone?
With all these resources available, ultimately, you could move far beyond mere memorization of movements and techniques. Beyond regurgitation is understanding, wherein you no longer rely upon routinely executing movement, but actually can spontaneously incorporate your training into your muscle memory and ongoing perception. I want all my students to get to a level of understanding so profound, that they actually become capable of building and executing their own system, tailor-made that works for their own body and personal needs.
Let’s face it, most people who study martial arts don’t sustain it. They fail because they either have no system, or the system they are following is antiquated and based on things that don’t really work, it’s cluttered, it’s confusing, and ultimately it’s discouraging to find the instruction and systems falling short of their expectations. Sometimes people fail because their teachers teach them WHAT to think but they don’t teach HOW to think. They sometimes simply run out quality material to learn. They have instructors who are more interested in feeding their egos than actually giving their students what they need to succeed. They have no access to a leader, a mentor, someone who has the credentials and has actually put in the time to develop a good system. Most martial arts experts are broke, broken, fat, self-medicating, cynical, they are teaching antiquated systems of martial technologies. It’s hard to be very motivated to follow someone like that, and adhering to techniques that wouldn’t stand up to a life and death situation is, frankly, just silly.
I too have felt frustrated and discouraged in my training. In 1970, I went to a martial arts school in Eugene OR, I saw the instructor, he was ex-military, he had huge hands and he was a real man. I decided then and there that I wanted to be like him. So I began pursuing my first black belt, thinking that achieving that rank would make me finally feel strong, capable and self-confident. Sadly, when I was awarded my black belt, I felt incomplete, inadequate and still unable to really protect myself. From there I pursued multiple black belts, only to realize that every system I trained was flawed and there was always something missing. I realize now that traditional martial arts focus on memorization, but memorization without understanding will ultimately cause one to fall short. I always wanted to understand and I spent the next several decades of my life extracting the essential elements out of the systems I had mastered, so that I could pursue understanding. That understanding became a platform upon which I was able to create my own systems. Creation is the highest level of comprehension and I feel it is my responsibility to help others achieve this level, to save those I teach the decades of learning superfluous movements and unnecessary techniques that don’t work in the real world- fighting scenario. If I can save you this time, focus, training and energy, you will be able to reach for the highest level of martial arts mastery.
Real martial artists embrace the spirit of the white belt at every level of learning. I never wanted to be right, I always wanted to understand–that is the mindset of a winner. When winners are in doubt they TRAIN!! They don’t quit, they don’t whine, they don’t hold on to being right–instead, they roll with the punches, learn from mistakes, and realign to the pursuit of excellence.
Let me explain what we are offering. The KI Fighting Concepts Martial Library holds 37 full-length training DVDs produced by KI Fighting Concepts, and each DVD comes with its own transcript manual not available anywhere else. You will have immediate and unlimited access to this body of work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You will have exclusive access to a Q and A forum, hosted personally by myself and Addy Hernandez. We will answer as many questions as possible per month, and you will be able to collaborate with your fellow students from all over the world. We will have one lesson of new content produced by myself and Addy with new systems, demonstrations and conceptual paradigms every month. This will be never before seen material.
The material we offer is so dense in its conceptual analysis and application, that you need to break it down and practice it with perseverance and patience. Real masters don’t just get information and think they know it, like 2-dimensional thinkers do–they recognize that it takes experience and time to gain understanding wisdom in 4-dimensional way. If you really want to extract the full benefit of what we are offering you, you need to sustain it! The Q & A forum gives you a chance to discuss in-depth and detail the concepts you are learning, and in order to really master a martial art, you need ongoing dialogue with fellow students and your instructor. If you are going to pursue martial arts training, you owe it to yourself to open up every resource and avenue for growth, and we have it in our martial arts training library. In the past year, Addy and I have been thrilled to see the positive response we have received from our rapidly-growing number of followers. As a thank-you, we want to make a training system that average people with busy lives and experienced martial practitioners alike can conveniently make use of, without having to come train with me personally. AVAILABLE NOW: KI Online Martial Library

Sifu Joseph