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Anti-Grappling with Supported Wing-Chun

In my opinion, a Supported Bong Sau, of which I personally have trained 1000’s of times, is a primary tool in my arsenal. It lives in the wooden dummy form I developed and call the Slam Set. I literally slam my forearms against the oak arms of the Mook Jong (wooden dummy). At this point in my Dummy development, my forearms are impervious to pain. This is important as one is capable of causing destruction with a concussive attitude possibly breaking bones, perhaps a jaw, skull, collar bone or indeed soft tissue. The Supported Bong Sau is also an anti- grappling deterrent. The SBS could indeed stop a punch, break a collar bone or potentially stop a shooting grappler in their tracks.
Alright, from here we are going to go into our bong lop backhand. In the original DVD, we went bong, lop sau, backhand, and hit. That’s OK, what we are going to do now is a lot better. From now on, instead of bonging here, coming up, this line, this is more for Chi Sau, in my opinion. For punching, we are doing more of this, this hooks around the Chi Sau, it gives you more sensitivity. Let me show you with Josh, right from here, when he comes up and turns it over, he’s against my hand, or if we reverse it, when I come up for a bong, I can feel more and have more control here. So that hooks him in, if I’m here, he can slide around and have a little more mobility with his left hand, so I’m locking it in. So in my opinion, a lot of the bong saus, for punching, people are doing it like this. But if I do that, he gives me a right punch and he smashes my fingers, I’m screwed. So from this position, I’m jamming into it and I am supporting the bong here, this is my center, this is my structure. We also do it with a blade, we do it with a knife, if you notice in The Club Set and The Blade Set, check out those DVDs. But from here, I’m driving forward, I like the stance, it’s a little more appropriate for function than I am showing with the dummy, but I am going to explain all that. Now, traditionally, we can bong, lop, back hand. As Josh gives me a right punch here, I bong, lop, back hand, and I can do all kinds of stuff from here, I look really creative and good. But there’s just a few problems with that. One is that if he punches me and I am here, and I go in to bong, look at my feet. I have a weak point where Josh’s toe is, and another one right behind me. So it is nice to be able to get off center and curl my hand, and do the Wing Chung stuff, however, once I do that and go to bong, and right in this position he attacks and knocks me right off of my center. Only that wouldn’t be a push to my chest it would be a hit to the throat, a gauge to the eyes, or a hit to the chin, so I’m screwed. Plus, he has completely disrupted my base. So when he punches and I am here, I am extremely vulnerable at that point. Also, the other thing is bong, lop, back hand, it looks really good in the gymnasium, he punches, bong, lop, back hand, I’m really good. One little problem. He retracts his hand after the punch and it’s no longer there, so it’s bullshit. So unless you are extremely talented at a world-class level, which not many people are, I now have to close the gap. So instead of me getting off line, doing this little curl thing, back here with a woo hand, this woo hand is not attached, he punches me right hand, then left, you can do that and it looks really good as long as it is slow and I know it is coming. But the fact of the matter is, he punches, from here, I don’t know what he is going to do, he could be doing an uppercut from there and I’m just screwed. I don’t like that vulnerability, and a lot of times, martial arts systems will fight each other relative to the principles and rules of that system, thus you can do exercises like this and somebody can counter, and it is all very synchronized, but if somebody is going to rip your fucking face off, I don’t buy it. So, what we are going to do then is jam in from here, I’m coming forward with this whole structure, we do it grabbing the left arm as well, but for now, this hand is up and in my center. So I am not going to bong him and find him, I’m going to where I know that punch is going to be. It’s going to be at the end of that strike just for a microsecond, but it’s going to come back to home. As he punches me, I am jamming into him here, and now I’ve got control. Now we can shear, now we can do some of our stuff that we have done in our prior work. Supported bong, boom, I am coming right into him, it’s like I am attacking. And then of course you can do whatever you want from there and you don’t have to be stuck with a bong, lop, back hand.
Supported bong, right from here, against your dummy, as we showed, in my opinion, it is much more effective for a punching attack. Now, this is a counter-grappling move, this is big on everybody’s mind right now and is probably never going to go away. This is an exceptional anti-grappling technique, and I wish I could show it to you full-speed, but I don’t want to severely injure my partner. If you at home don’t believe me, learn how I do it and go ahead and try it on one another and have fun performing it on Jackass Part V. A lot of times we step to the side, and we’ve said that is inappropriate with the weak points. We are stepping forward, but to me, the stepping forward means the power is coming with my lead foot, the angulation of my feet, my hips, my leg is bent and driving with this structure, with the concussive attitude that we have talked about throughout this DVD. It’s the feet coming in and driving, and hitting and timing, hitting on impact, with my feet and my body, listen to the sound of my shoes as that is coming in. Same thing, boom, I can sit coming back if they are shooting. As we have already said, if he gives me a right straight punch, I can drive straight in. What we didn’t say is, if he gives me a wide hook, I can just come inside the center of that. That is another application of this. But for right now, it is the counter-grappling. So from here, if Aaron were to come straight at me with his head right down the center, I’m not going to change, because if you have to change and adjust in a critical situation, you are going to need to be really lucky I think. So what I am doing is one size fits all, I am driving right into my center, regardless if their head is coming in to center, left or right of my body. If Aaron comes at me straight, boom, I am jamming right into his head, and believe me that is going to rock him. And from there, there are so many things we can do, it’s ridiculous where we can go. But I’m telling you, as you are jamming that right into their head, and because of the dummy work, we can do that all day long against oak arms, it’s going to hurt your head more than it hurts me. It jams the neck, it compresses the vertebrae, so be careful. If Aaron comes at me with his head to his left, notice how that fits right in, the neck, the collar bone, even if his head is up and to the left, I am jamming right into that critical area and look at where I am off of that line, look where I can go with that line. I can do whatever I want, I can pull him down, and so on. So when he comes at me, I am jamming right into there, that’s what I am going to do. If his head is straight-on, that is what I am doing, and if he is turned, it fits right into that. Now if his head comes in to his right, I’m not really changing, I am jamming right into that, now he is eating the forearm and his temple as well in that line. Around this way, here, you can see what I am doing on that line. Also, one key piece about driving back, again, off my center, with this powerful base. Remember, they are shooting in, expecting to gobble me up and take me back, or they are expecting me to sprawl and just kind of land on their back and move around, that is part of the physical vernacular of wrestling and so on, but we’re not doing that. And I’m not foolish enough to believe they are not going to charge me high, because it would work there right into their throat, I don’t care. And I’m not saying this is going to stop them or that this is some kind of panacea, but I’m telling you that this is extremely effective and it creates a window of opportunity, a garage door of opportunity, for you to fuck them up after this because you’re going to rattle them. Now, not many people can take that hit to the collar bone or neck as we showed before. We are here, from the top of the body down to about the knees, and that is where my prowess ends because at that point, they are going for an ankle pick and are going to be a lot lower, so in that case I would sprawl, my feet would go back, and I would jam this into them.
Our supported bong against a grappler, hit them high, medium, or drop low. I go right to center, this is the strength of my base, I am moving forward in my attitude off of that. The grappler is coming in, they are usually tough, you need everything you’ve got to be able to diffuse their attack. A regular sprawl using the mat, I’m coming down here. Notice my hands, even this, when I sprawl, I’m going to come in with my elbows into their back. You can even do a supported elbow into their back. What I’m going to do is show it here with the supported bong. Slowly, I’m here, they are coming into me fighting, bang, that is what I am doing coming into them. I smash, with all my weight on their neck. Remember, they are moving in, I smash right into them and then come up with my elbow and proceed from there.


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