I created, designed and physically manifested the Argument of Movement (A of M) on Film with the publishing company Paladin Press in 2007. Utilizing my 35 plus years of martial arts training at the time, my intention was to build a two person set that would teach a practitioner to flow and feel their way in and out of fighting ranges, joint locks, attacks and counters in a fluid non-stop progression. Within the A of M one can develop multiple variations albeit take your opponent to the ground, kick him, choke him out, straight blast him etc. etc.

The next level of A of M is Point Counter Point (PCP). Point Counter Point offers a plethora of options with a Blade. Multiple grip changes, severing tendons, heightened awareness, cutting throats, slashing arteries, joint locks with blades etc. This is an intense, brutal, and potentially a Lethal Scenario when confronted with a combatant intent on killing you. I believe, one must incorporate a Relentless Resolve with Surgical Precision with intention to kill or be killed. Whether they are armed or not, they have decided you must die. Use all means at your disposal to extinguish his Life Force.

For more information on the Argument of Movement Series Check out this link:http://kifightingconcepts.com/online-store_307-p.html